How to mine Skorch Token
Below are the basic steps on how to get started.

To get started An Ethereum Wallet/Address pre-loaded with some ETH on it is necessary as you will need it for gas when solo mining.

Next, you will need to obtain an Infura API which can be done by signing up at When you register with Infura, make sure to use a valid email address as it will send you the API URL needed for mining.

After completing the above, it is recommended that you download MVis Token Miner (the directions we have provided are for this mining program. You can download MVis Token Miner here.

Follow the remaining steps to start mining Skorch Token.

Step Two:

Great! You have completed Step One. Now it's time to set up your miner. After downloading MVis Token Miner, you will need to extract the files to your computer. Once extracted, there will be a folder labeled tokenminer and inside of that folder will be a file labeled tokenminer.ini. Use Notepad or any other simple text editor to open the tokenminer.ini file. Once you've done so, you will need to replace the information inside of it with your own. Make sure you do not delete or remove any of the other information inside the file. ONLY replace the information in file specified below with your own:
  • Host=
  • RPCPort=8545
  • MinerAcct=0x……………….
  • AcctPK=……………………
  • TokenContract= 0xb3Dc3C839a02134f9932CbD60f3566C231cc90CC
  • GasPrice=5
MinerAcct is your Ethereum account. (Remember to have some ETH on it.) AcctPK is the private key of your Ethereum account. You can adjust GasPrice based on the network requirements.

Step Three:

Alright! You're almost ready to start mining Skorch! The final step is to launch MVis Token Miner.

Open cmd window.

Browse to the location where you extracted MVis Token Miner or drag and drop tokenminer.exe into the cmd window.

Run the following command: tokenminer.exe -S -C -t 1

Note: The above command and steps are for solo mining using you CPU (using 1 CPU thread.) You can adjust amount of threads by changing -t 1 to the number of threads you wish to mine with. If you wish to GPU mine, the steps are the same except when running the command, you would use: tokenminer.exe -S -G

You can download the latest version of MVis Token Miner from Github at the following link:

You can download the latest version of COSMiC from Bitbucket at the following link: